To learn more, read what others who have experienced Marion’s work have to say:

***When I took Marion Culhane’s “Breaking Through Your Barriers” workshop, I already had my Ph.D. from Stanford, but I had never taken a personal development course.

Hearing Marion present and experiencing the interactive exercises opened up a whole new world for me. The learning was transformational and came with instant results: when I walked out of this workshop, within 24 hours I attracted my husband and soul mate, which opened up the door to a new career which has enriched and sustained me to this day (17 years later). I believe this is not a simple synchronicity, but the results of breaking through some lifelong barriers and creating new possibilities.

Marion is a powerful teacher/healer and her classes and coaching may be just what you need to make a quantum leap in your business or personal life. I couldn’t be more grateful for having met Marion and experienced her groundbreaking work.  Dr. Josephine Gross, Editor in Chief, Networking Times, Dean of Faculty, Networking University

***The process that Marion teaches absolutely works. I was able to use it to get rid of my own blocks to achieve everything I wanted in my first two years in my business and then turn around and help members of my team strip away the barriers to whatever was blocking them. My partner and I used it every time we set a goal, including our goal to achieve the highest leadership level. The process reveals beliefs that must be cleared to move forward to with ease, joy and certainty that any goal can be achieved.

Marion has been coaching and teaching for several decades and is masterful at what she does. This is the work that supported her in building her business quickly to the highest leadership level within our company and has helped countless others over the years. I am one of the ones blessed by her expertise and by the satisfaction of applying her process to help others.  Marian Head, Top Income Earner and Former Chair, North American Associate Advisory Council, Speaker, Author


*** Always study from the masters. Marion Culhane is a master at releasing the beliefs that limit your success in order to create the life you choose. She has proven her mastery in her own life and in those she has taught.

Marion is the most emotionally clean person I’ve ever met. I highly recommend that whatever she is teaching, people should pay attention to and apply in their own lives for their greatest good.  Dr. TC North, High-performance executive coach, Speaker, Business Columnist and Author

*** Thank you for your contribution to our lives this year. It has been one of the highlights of my year to connect with you and receive your coaching and guidance.  How blessed are we!   Dec. 2014  Diana Hunter, Executive Director from Sunshine Coast, Australia.


*** I recently did two of Marion Culhane’s workshops via Teleseminar. I want to personally thank you, Marion. I found the content tremendous for moving me forward.

If you are feeling a bit ‘stuck’ in either your personal life, business, health or even spiritual life, I recommend anyone of any denomination to seriously consider working with Marion. I look forward to a long and happy association with you.  Annita Kneipp, Australia Regional Director   October/November 2014


*** Marion’s coaching offers time tested tools and steps to re-direct and then empower new, more supportive beliefs in alignment with what you want.  Even this week, I experienced a situation which might have taken me out of the game; but I re-focused on my centering process and connected with the higher truth, thus was able to continue on purpose.   I recommend Marion’s work.   Sharon Whiteman, Executive Director, Australia


*** I have loved Marion’s classes and coaching. There is an emphasis on making internal shifts and spirituality – coming from the right place within. I have found that working with her is a refreshing relief from the usual “PUSH” that we are normally accustomed to.
 Marion’s aim is for us to follow what we really want/our inner guidance and to do it with ease, in alignment with our inner most core. Marion is very powerful and achieves a lot; she does it in a gentle, respectful and focused way. That in itself is a great learning for me.
 I have also enjoyed the sense of community that she created. It was helpful to connect with like-minded people.  Mandakini Foux, Presidential, Australia   January 2015


*** I want to thank you so much for your last class!  I have been doing the exercises and have found that I am less stressed and have been comfortably taking more action in my business.  I also catch myself quicker when I am talking negatively to myself and holding onto to the past.  I have been working in this area for a long time. The material you shared covered a lot of areas that I want to reframe and replace.  Thank you so much!! I am looking forward to the next training.  Toni Muscatello, Executive Director   FL – U.S.


*** I’ve had some of the best coaching I’ve ever had with Marion.  She listens and offers practical, clear, realistic suggestions on how best to overcome challenges and achieve your goals. She helped me tremendously to create clear intents and goals and to release limiting beliefs. She was right on target and directly addressed what I have needed.

She has helped me learn to take baby steps, one at a time; and that’s OK.  I now realize we sometimes have to slow down and cover all our bases in order to speed up.

I recommend Marion’s coaching and classes to anyone who is ready to take their next step.  She will help you get the tools you need.  She helped me break through many barriers in her previous class.

I have more confidence and am excited to move my business forward. I feel that 2015 will be my and my team’s year for success!!!  Whanita McCoy, Regional Director

*** I have had the great fortune to work with Marion Culhane over the last twenty years, with her processes in breaking through to abundance, group coaching, and individual dialogue. Her calm presence, skills, insights and wisdom are always apparent and helpful in opening up growth for others individually and as a group. She has been a light beam in the community, always taking everyone she touches to the highest level outcome for all involved.

In the face of obstacles and challenges, I often find myself contemplating, “How would Marion handle this,” as a touchstone for me to widen my view of possibilities. I’m forever grateful for her steadfast and remarkable contribution within our networking community!  Noni J. Kaufman, Presidential

*** This was one of the most amazing classes I’ve taken as far as being in touch with my soul. I am learning how to be consciously grateful again and to live my life with Intent. Thank you so much.  Peggy Ann Kralik